Development of the "Schafweide" property in Mannheim


2nd prize with Studio SF Simon Fischer & Architects GmbH. A SENSITIVE, DIFFERENTIAL URBAN CONSTRUCTION IN EXPOSED LOCATIONS. A closed perimeter block development arises on three sides, which opens in the south towards the banks of the Neckar. Graduated building heights and create a differentiated facade design a varied and interesting appearance with a simple address formation. The type of height graduation allows the SWR building to continue act as a strong solitaire. Concise corner formations on the Corner of Schafwiesenweg / Friedrich-Ebert-Str. as well as on the south West corner towards Neckar give the new area nonetheless his own power of identification. At the SWR, the southern Neckarplatz is replaced by a single-storey Establishing a connection as if it were enlivened. over the entire new area will be open to the ground floor facade and enriched for the public space.

Andere Kooperationen mit diesem Architekten

Development of the "Schafweide" property in Mannheim ist die einzige Kooperation mit diesem Architekten.