Berlinovo Holzmarktstraße, Berlin


The aim of the new urban hybrid quarter with student housing, modern working environments, local amenities, and a public swimming pool is to create an attractive and communal place. The main entrance on the western side of the building will be equipped with a small plaza for this purpose. In the north of the building, a lively urban space is created, which is turned into an attractive meeting place by gastronomy. In the south-east of the complex, a central green area with tree plantings provides a green entrance in front of the commercial units. In addition, a generous staircase leads up to the 2nd floor to a highlight of the complex, the plinth terrace. This 2000 m2 terrace becomes the central, green meeting place for residents and users. The generous lawns with strips of shrubs and grasses and raised beds for planting trees and shrubs, as well as various action and communication areas, offer space for retreat, stay, play and meeting. A strip-like interplay of the individual design modules allows for lively use in the space. Each adjoining flat has a terrace open space area surrounded by hedge plantings for privacy and to strengthen the sense of security. In addition to the large plinth terrace, further roof gardens will be created on the building and framed with attractive greenery. On the 10th floor, for example, a garden with fixed seating and table elements will be designed to provide a pleasant place to spend time among green spaces with a far-reaching view over Berlin. Other roof gardens will feature extensive roof greening consisting of various sedum and herb varieties. The result is an inviting complex that ensures a pleasant and attractive stay for everyone.