Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK) at RWTH Aachen


The replacement building for the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK) at RWTH Aachen University marks the start of the new Campus West. The aim is to strengthen the institute and put the focus on research. A forward-looking and sustainably designed area will create its own clearly legible identity. Access to the building is ensured via a staircase, which, through its orientation, overlaps the congress square in front of it offering a clear structure and orientation across the entire site. This is accompanied by columnar trees along the street, which also emphasize a vertical linearity. The plantings are mirrored on the opposite campus side, creating a natural visual barrier. The green patio forms a green lung providing a design and climatic enhancement. A curtain wall trough system at the base of the building continues the green character of the facility onto the façade. Various plants such as smaller perennials, large shrubs or even trees in combination with hanging and climbing plants create a varied and interesting and at the same time uniformly green façade. The intensive greening not only contributes to improving the microclimate and air quality, but also serves to protect the façade. The extensive roof greening with insect nutrient perennials extends over the entire roof surface and acts as an important ecological part, forming a superordinate stepping stone biotope.