Alfons-Kern-Areal / Emma-Jäger-Areal, Pforzheim


The redesign of the Alfons-Kern-Areal together with the Emma-Jäger-Areal is to create a new creative district. It is divided into two areas- the Enz-Quartier at the Alfons-Kern-Turm for commercial use and the EMMA-Quartier for residential and living space design. A holistic concept links the two areas to create identity and at the same time integrates it with its block formation into the overall historical city picture. The dissolution of the block buildings to solitary buildings towards the Enz-Ufer increases the permeability of the city space and thus allows for exciting visual relations, which also benefits the “second row” and incorporates the proximity to the Enz-Ufer as a special feature.

The Alfons Core Tower serves as an important role on the creative axis. Together with the forecourt of the Emma-Kreativzentrum, the outdoor area of the Alfons-Kern-Turm forms a place to linger, communicate and serve as a starting point for activities. Public playgrounds and green areas are distributed over the entire area, which are ideal meeting points with numerous seating possibilities. An overarching network of paths connects the quarters and squares with each other. Along the banks of the Enz there is a footpath with seating and a variety of greenery. Here you will find not only a relaxing place by the river but also an ecological diversity of flora and fauna. Two viewing platforms also offer a panoramic view along the river. 

The roofs are designed to be climate-friendly usable areas. Public recreation and meeting zones are set up on the tower, providing a view over the district. Other rooftops are designed as communal areas for urban farming and tenant gardens, which can be used by the respective house occupants, thus strengthening the sense of "we" in the neighborhood. The remaining areas are extensively greened and used by photovoltaics, retention and grey water use.

The green character that runs through the entire creative district forms an important cornerstone of the ensemble's identity and contributes positively to the overall microclimate as a stepping stone biotope.