Charging park, Coburg


In the heterogeneous surroundings of the area with numerous traffic routes and little significant industry as well as the attractive areas of the FFH, nature reserve and the Glender Wiesen bird sanctuary, the charging park serves as a unifying element. The striking architecture with loading bays offers a high recognition value and creates its own identity as a trademark of the region. The circular level for cars is embedded in the existing topography by "underground" regulation and does not appear as a separate structure, creating a piece of "land art". Together with the "pollinator meadow" on the roof of the loading park, the pond in the middle contributes to strengthening ecological diversity.  The pond serves functionally as a retention basin for surface and roof water, which together with the water-permeable lawn coverings of the parking spaces forms a water cycle. The loading area for cars is easy to reach thanks to an avenue of trees and its radial arrangement means that no maneuvering with a potential risk of accidents is necessary. In addition to the car-oriented facility, there is another circular incision that serves as a recreational area and service station for cyclists and especially e-bikes with a charging station. Due to its sloping position, this area is also optimally integrated into the topography, which, like the car charging park, provides a noise-protected area and a relaxed atmosphere for breaks.

In the west of the area, a recreation zone with children's play, calisthenics, picnic facilities, spot zones and climbing facilities is being created. This will not only offer visitors to the loading park, but also the citizens of Coburg an attractive recreational opportunity. Between the active areas, the existing tree population and its native plant supplements, as well as the pollinator meadow, provide valuable feeding areas and habitats for animals. The succession forest around the site further enhances this effect and creates a connection to the neighboring nature reserve. 

With future-oriented and comfortable functions, a variety of biotopes and ecosystems to promote flora and fauna and various recreational opportunities, the charging park is developing into an emotional place that involves the entire surrounding area.