Reconstruction „Quartier“ Rosenviertel, Memmingen


The Rosenviertel in Memmingen follows the principle of the "Memminger Stöcke" and serves as an attractive start to the city center. By aligning the heights of the buildings with the surrounding buildings and the uniform road surface, the quarter forms a gentle transition between the existing areas. The historically evolved urban structure is emphasized by returning the edge of the city to the former city wall, which is made legible by a linear steel sculpture. Despite being embedded in the existing urban fabric, the Rosenviertel is developing its own identity with family-friendly, varied and clearly structured urban structures.

The quarter is divided into two main areas. On the one hand, there is the lively southern part with, a new hotel and restaurant, as well as open spaces that can be optimally used as event venues. Together with the hotel, the restaurant shares a green inner courtyard with trees, green areas and space for eating out. The green character of this inner courtyard adds to the ecological value of the district. The directly adjacent areas of the MeWo art gallery develop in a superordinate design language. A spacious, multifunctional recreation area will be created through restructuring and additional tree planting, and will be integrated into the overall development concept.

In the northern part of the quarter, a quiet, green residential courtyard is being created with apartments for all age groups and family constellations, enabling multi-generational living. The individual living space is extended by the spacious arcades and balconies in front of the entrances. The quality of living is further enhanced by the two rose courtyards, which serve as the green lungs of the area. They represent enclosed, semi-public areas with a high proportion of usable green spaces, differentiated retreats, sports and play areas in central areas.  As an open gesture towards the old town, tree plantings, seating areas and raised beds also revitalize small squares in the western part. 

The Rosenviertel extends the overarching green ring around Memmingen's old town with its new loose tree plantings, the elongated bench blocks in combination with raised beds and generous green spaces, thereby further enhancing it. The upgrading also takes place through the step towards a sponge city and thus the improvement of the microclimate in the otherwise densely built-up city center.