Public Buildings

Generalsanierung Gasteig

2019 bis 2021

1st prize in competition and commissioning; With the refurbishment of the Gasteig, Munich is getting a building that will be incomparable worldwide with its culturally diverse range. A new structural element, which carefully connects the existing parts of the building as a glass bridge, gives the Gasteig its new transparency and identity. It opens up the Gasteig to the city, provides insights into what is happening and invites all visitors and employees to become part of the city's cultural life. The KULTURBÜHNE becomes the model for the new Gasteig. In terms of design, its transparent, glassy and open design deliberately contrasts with the monolithic, mineral structure. Together, a tension builds up that leads the Gasteig programmatically and architecturally into a new era. Following the motto "ONE" Gasteig, the new KULTURBÜHNE runs horizontally and vertically through all areas of the Gasteig as a spatial continuum. It is access, foyer, exhibition space and event area at the same time. It allows visitors and employees clear orientation and short distances between all functions. Inside, the KULTURBÜHNE can be experienced as an urban element, as a street with individual addresses, which in turn is part of the big picture. Every area here, whether it's the philharmonic hall, the Carl-Orff Hall, the library or the adult education center, has its own identity in a diverse environment.