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University Campus Bielefeld

2009 bis 2015

The Campus Bielefeld is under construction until 2025 – as a regional center for teaching and research and as an international knowledge location. Based on a competition, the campus site was to be designed in cooperation of the Architects Auer * Auer + Associates, Munich, and Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects + Urban Planners, Munich. The concept includes the elements of the location at the urban edge, however takes orientation – due to the leading image of technique – in a grid of wholes of a “circuit board”. Built form is arranged orthogonally on a compact platform and are, like this, integrated with an aimed to utmost little use of land into the surroundings, marked by fields and groups of trees. Built form frames three large places, Red-leaved maple trees are planted within the grid, contrasting the landscaping groups of trees. The red colors of the leaves cause colorful counter-points towards the restrained coloring of the architecture and towards the dark surface of the ground. The clusters of trees enclose more intensively used areas, f.i. for the cantine, as areas for retreat and playing. The inner yards are places of staying and communicating. Wooden decks invite to enjoy the sunshine. The adjacent working spaces are protected by planting fields. The location with decreasing topography allows for an attractive view into the distance. The open Space design supports the architecture in building space on the Campus and towards the outside.