Living and Open Spaces

Smokvabay Montenegro

2016 bis 2016

The design aims to create a settlement that lives all year long, is ‘local’ in atmosphere, materials and the way it relates to the topography. Utilizing ‘Smart-local’ approaches that uses natural and local resources as a continuation of the physical and cultural landscape, that creates a settlement with its own sense of identity and character, that will become an essential part of the Riviera as an exemplary development project and a point of attraction. The touristic and residential programs offer variations, with recreational, retail and infrastructural amenities that aims to serve to the long and short time residents welcoming the daily visitors from neighboring settlement and facilities. Taking inspiration from the way neighboring old towns connect to the land and its surroundings, their relation to the human and non-human world, vernacular responses to the climatic and light conditions, settlement patterns and cultural uses of built environment that in turn, are methods to comprehend the ‘genius loci’, the design seeks to implement strategies and approaches that connects to them. The spirit of the land lives, within the layout, voids and corridors, open spaces and their relations, coastal use and overall settlement ideas.