Living and Hotels

Leonardo Royal Hotel, Munich

2007 bis 2010

The Leonardo Royal Hotel is the first implemented hotel on the former location of the Knorr-Bremse-Group. The urban design master-plan for the new business park conceptualizes a central water- and path-belt with offers for staying, on both sides framed by built form. The hotel building is located beside a water-basin, into which a spacious terrace extends. In contrast to the strictness of the architecture, “color traces” – like swung by a brush, are running free throughout the open spaces of the site. A dense amorphous network of paths in between high grasses marks the garden areas of the horse-shoe shaped hotel- building. The “brush-strokes” define fixed surfaces as paths or sitting isles. He remaining spaces within the garden area are planted by grass and different flower bulbs. This causes a moving image throughout the whole year.