Living and Hotels

Motel One

2014 bis 2016

The new built form of Motel One in Parkcity Schwabing, Munich, is another essential contribution to completing the use and the built form in a central location of this quarter for offices with surrounding residences. The location at an edge of the park, nearby the two high-rise buildings for offices finds its spatial branding by the architecture with a roof-floor, high-lightened by an arcade of concrete columns. This highlighting is continued in the differentiation of uses and public,- semi-public spaces in between the floors. Entrance area, yard, and open spaces for gastronomy in the ground-floor level are extended into the upper roof-floor level, where a bar welcomes any kind of guests, no matter whether they are hotel-guests or not. This differentiation of public to temporarily public spaces is the pattern of connecting “inner” with “outer” uses of built form, extended into the surrounding street space. Within the area of main road development, the hotel is protected from views and movement by a seam of green open space between the road and the hotel on private ground. Within the more protected area of the street development of built form, surrounding the park, the architecture is opened towards the public space. Areas for staying and gastronomy are linked with the public space functionally and structurally. Opposite the Microsoft building, there arises an inviting other side with a similar language of building space and architecture of open spaces. Low gentrying entrys of grasses in between entrys of trees define a main differentiation in between street and private land use. A membrane, allowing for insights but generating a definite orientation of usages relative to the areas foreseen for them.