Office Buildings

Allianz Campus, Unterföhring

2011 bis 2016

The Allianz Campus, Munich Unterföhring, is defined by an extensive construction on a corner-site, space-building around an inner yard. A diagonally running bridge connects the new building with the already existing main administration of the insurance agency on the opposite side of the street. This breaks the orthogonality of the block edges. The disturbance becomes a motif and outlines the orientation of spaces within the yards. Large two-storey cutouts in the west and east-edge of built form make the exciting inner yard spaces readable from the outside and mark the essential entrances. These conditions of architecture provide the framework for the open space design concept. The yards of different size and character are generously planted by stripes of vegetation. They guarantee that the special uses on level -1 receive daylight. Herewith arranged uses are connected by a stoop with the entrance foyer. The open spaces within this architecture create individual spaces, differing in planting and materiality. The inner yards gain an enrichment by vegetation which allows access for perceiving the times of the year within built form.