Office Buildings

Clinical Research Center, Fraunhofer Institut Hannover

2010 bis 2014

The Clinical Research Center of the Fraunhofer Association, built in L-shape, provides a main entrance in the front with walking facilities throughout the building and throughout the back side, and a crossing driveway underneath to the deep garage. The strictness of architecture is smoothly bound into a concept for open space of varied qualities. Built form is framed by large-centryn trees; the walking paths is underligned by vegetation and plazas in the front and on the back side. Seating benches invite to staying. Visitors’ parking places are statially integrated in the front; a lake collects the rain water and densely planted beds infront of the windows offer garden-like views from inside the offices on the groundfloor level. The roof terraces are walkable, the inner yard is a green area, serving – with terraces – for staying outside, too. Towards the outside, the impression of a villa with different garden areas occurs.