Residence of the German Embassy Jakarta

2015 bis 2015

1st prize with Eller + Eller architects. The new residence of the German embassy in Jakarta is a compact structure on the property. In association with batik (also Javanese batik), a pattern is laid over the entire property in order to form it as a complete ensemble. The striking pattern is reflected in the panel and plant inlays. In the north, the functional area is zoned around the garage access, staff access, drying area, utility garden and kitchen courtyard. The west receives a spacious terrace which extends to the south and integrates the pool. The western wall is planted with a generous strip of plants in order to maintain a distance from the neighboring buildings. This plantation extends around the entire site. The entrance area in the east has an inviting space. The batik pattern of the panel inlay develops into plant inlays in the entrance area in the form of bosket plantings. Isolated fountains and pots complete this pattern.