Head Clinic and Women-Mother-Child Centre of the University of Würzburg

2021 bis 2021

Competition with Nickl & Partner. 3rd Prize for our design. Flowing landscapes The concept of the outdoor facilities for the new clinic campus provides for the versatile landscape to flow over the new building complex to the existing clinic. Adjacent to the agricultural structure in the north, a nature-oriented and maintenance-intensive landscape park is being created, which offers islands of tranquility with a view under shady trees. The landscape park is to be understood as a starting point for future expansion scenarios. The northern open space close to the building is characterized by multifaceted active and quiet areas. A barrier-free circular path leads past the centrally located water surface. Adjacent a spacious flat lawn and a wooden terrace with partial roofing and a garden shed offer a mediative place for rest and relaxation, as well as the possibility for therapeutic and physiological activities or readings in the open air. To the north, a basketball court provides space for patients and employees to practice sports. Theme-related, sensory gardens are planned in the immediate vicinity of the building. The gardens offer space for interaction, but also retreat in smaller niches. The planting should accompany the year in a varied way and contribute to recovery through its therapeutic effect. The generous open space between the main entrance hall of the new building and the adjoining clinic inventory to the south is understood as a transition and link between the landscape and urban space, as well as the clinic campus. Inspired by the surrounding vineyards, the open space is divided into several terraces and lounge areas, connected by a distinctive, representative and striking main path connection with steps and barrier-free ramps integrated into the design. Sealed areas such as above-ground parking spaces are reduced to the absolute minimum. Based on the local structures, the landscape stretches through the hospital quarter in a harmonious interplay of wildflower and butterfly meadows, grasses, groups of shrubs and trees as well as retention areas.