Redesign of Hermann-Levi-Platz and outdoor facilities of the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

2021 bis 2021

Recognition; The redesign of Herman-Levi-Platz should be based on the motto "Old meets young". The area of ​​the Badisches Staatstheater has always had a special status for the citizens of Karlsruhe. So not only the actual redesign of the former station and market place area, which is located in front of the gate to the historic old town, should be based on this model. In addition to the multifunctional use for events, concerts or festivals, the place should represent a new meeting place for all generations and become the "new citizens' commons" of Karlsruhe. The Hermann-Levi-Platz, which is located within the green clasp between the baroque district of Karlsruhe and the southern district from the 19th/20th. Century spans, forms a central green location in the overall urban vegetation reference. As the new stepping stone of the "Green Path" from the main station in the direction of the castle, the square design is given a green carpet of vegetation cushions.