Pina Bausch Zentrum, Wuppertal


The Pina Bausch Zentrum stands for defiance against the rigid boundaries of dance and requires an architecture that in turn questions institutional norms. The aim of our concept was to respect the past and reflect things that do not change, such as gravity and electrical energy, while being able to respond to an unknown  future in an ever-changing art form. A diffuse, blurred edge around the "isolated island of culture" connects the site to the city. New plantings will create a green connection from the Botanical Garden through the site to parks and green spaces along the river. A pedestrian-friendly boulevard will be created that will act as a hinge between the city centre and the PBZ.  In addition to landscaped courtyards, the performance courtyard will be created as a new centre of activity, acting as a separate space while connecting the attached functional space programmes. It is surrounded by walkways and equipped with lighting fixtures for outdoor performances. The performance courtyard forms a communal hub for collaborative working and socializing.  The whole concept is based on a mosaic of interpretable spaces that define and differentiate themselves by their characteristics. Inside or outside, landscaped or paved, controlled or raw. They can be used separated from each other or connected. This makes the creative energy of the PBZ visible, tangible and accessible to the public in all directions.

The environment is also considered in our concept. Three sustainable building technologies are used: recycled materials, adaptable building envelopes and resource generation and renewal. Light, air, water and carbon are captured, filtered, stored and shared with the local community and ecology. Together, these sustainable design approaches will not only set new standards for a building's performance and durability, but also enhance visitors' experience and understanding of the local climate. The design for the PBZ strikes a balance between low-emission technology and the art of creating inspiring spaces that adapt to people and climate - those who bring life into the site.