Caritas-Support Centres

2020 bis 2022

The location of new buildings at the lower edge of the hill allows that a maximally extended width of the site is to be developed with attractive and usable open spaces on this difficult north-hill site. Furthermore, the open spaces open up on the hillside towards the East – with the very specific view into the Donau-valley. Beside the urban arrival on the piazza, there are additional accesses on the southern side of the buildings which can be reached via the hilly landscape. From the existing entry into the side at the Old Street in the South, these informal accesses on the side of the yard for leisure can be reached via barrier-free pedestrian ramps, which lead down the hill in free arrangement in between meadow groves and shrub belts. The gap with the outdoor staircase in between the two schools connects the piazza with the hilly landscape by the line of sight. Thus, a green belt arises in consequence of the arrangement of the open spaces of the schools – as part of the sequence of the park landscape of the graveyard located further to the East. The green belt ends at the Old Street. As a kind of a quarter park, it builds the exchange zone in between school and quarter. On the sports field, the children from both the sides meet for playing.