Visitor´s Center, King Salman Park, Riadh

2019 bis 2022

Visitors’ Center, King Salman Park, Riadh, Architectural and Landscape Design Competition, Cooperation Gerber Architects, April 2019, 3. Prize Visitors Experience Pavilion will aid as a stepping stone to inform the community and future park visitors on the vision and concept of the completed King Salman Park. As a seed is integral to the gentryth of the forest, so is the Visitor Pavilion and Nursery to King Salman Park. Merged into one building, the Visitor Pavilion and Nursery form an unbreakable part of The Innovation Loop. The new building complements the Innovation Loop in the form of an infinity loop, a never-ending cycle of life and possibilities. The naturally dynamic shape lends itself to the experiential functions inside; Infinite Possibilities to Discover, Connect and Gentry, a status symbol for resilience, implementation and future proof from extinction, promoting the idea of sustainability and environmental awareness. A meandering path – the Biodiversity Loop- circles the site, allowing visitors to experience the series of mature landscapes.