Shenyang, Urban Design and Landscape Competition

2019 bis 2022

Shenyang, Urban Design and Landscape Competition, Cooperation with Shenyang Architecture University, March 2019, 1. Prize This masterplanning concept for built form and open spaces has different levels of content: the spatial one, the functional one, the strategical one (space-time-measurements and climate- cost-efficiency) and the economic-cultural one (spatial offers for demands to be created, f.i. in the tourism sector, by digital media, too). Resulting from these substantial aspects, a master-planning with different watersides has been generated. Thus, a predominantly functional orientation for car-traffic around the “outer” urban edge and a mainly high-value spatial orientation for a rather walking connection between “inner” urban edge and watersides are to be distinguished. This spatial quality for walking arises from a functional grid of dividing building fields (residences, immediately developed from the outside) and cul-de sacs which start from this grid and are developed towards the “middle” (lake), leading towards the calmed areas with high –value landscaping along the watersides. The urban design focus onto a “core-area” (lage and brooks with adjacent watersides) provides higher locational value to the mixed uses there and to the central axis of the Financial District. This focus is even increased by islands in the lake and a “head”-building on a centrally for a located half-island for a major public building.