Realization competition for residential housing with daycare and Flexi-Heim for the WA 19 Freiham Nord in Munich

2020 bis 2021

Realization competition with Jo. Franzke Generalplaner. Recognition for our design. The ensemble consists of apartment blocks, a “Flexi-Heim” for families and a day care center. The jury particularly praised the concept of the open space areas: clear lines, calm and appropriately solid. The main idea of the design is to convey the transition between the district center with its block-like stone building structures and the northern residential quarters with their small and open spatial structures. A monolithic and articulated building structure is developed, the "Castello". The design of the green inner courtyard speaks a consistent language, but is divided into two gardens. The “kindergarten” is located directly at the daycare center, with the play garden directly adjacent to it. The playground can also be used during daycare hours. The core language of the landscape design consists of active circles and an inviting, connecting path that clearly corresponds to the dominant theme of children's play. When designing the room, versatile play functions such as sand play, water play and climbing can be assigned to each circle. Places of encounter and communication are found in the same form. The green frame between the open space and the facade consists of an interplay of easy-care green areas and the scaffolding with balcony areas. The climbing plants rise from the green belt, climb along the frame and green the courtyard vertically. This plays a key role in reducing noise and the ecological quality of the open space. The roof areas on the 5th and 6th floors offer attractively designed rooms for various communication locations in the countryside. These areas are surrounded by an intensely green frame. In each building, community-promoting seating areas, areas for gardening and extensive planting are combined in a clear design language. The ensemble not only invites you to linger, but also offers the residents and the city a high level of ecological added value. Stairs connect the two floors and thus link the roof gardens with one another. A separate role is assigned to the roof garden of the Flexiheim. This is not connected to the other gardens and in addition to the communication points, there is a friendly play area for the children.