Masterplan Fangcun Huadi Guangzhou, China

2012 bis 2013

The project area, a former river delta of a size of 20.5km2 and with intensive history of industrial and gardening uses is developed to a new urban quarter for more than 50.000 inhabitants. The ecological approach dominates herewith. Wide water landscapes and eco-systems spread out through the new town. In Huadi, there are flowers cultivated for since more than 1700 years, specifically for ceremonies of Buddishm and of Royalty. Thus, the overall spatial concept is, in form and character, derived from the elements flower and water which define the location. The structure consists of a central area and seven radiating clusters, similar to the leaves of a flower. Core area is the Huadi-lake with the extended wetlands. The five principles of the masterplan are living with the water, recreating balance, connectivity, financial feasibility and mobility.