Petroleum Research Center, Kuwait

2015 bis 2018

The master plan sets up a geometrical organization of zones, buildings and roadways that allow for a very legible system. There are two primary access points from the outside world: a public entry along the eastern edge of the campus, and a service entry to the north. The eastern access point will accommodate the daily flow of employees and staff, as well as public visitors. An access drive leads to a grand ceremonial drop-off that frames the campus’ formal public arrival. From this point, visitors can descend into public parking for different groups of users. The ring road serves as a primary route for emergency vehicles and allows fire department trucks access to each of the individual buildings. In addition to automotive movements, pedestrian circulation is given thoughtful consideration. Between each bar building, there are lush garden courts that provide heavily shaded, cooler environments. Connections are covered with undulating outdoor canopies that will protect these routes from harsh sunlight.The natural desert is the inspiration of the overall landscape design: the center is integrated as an oasis and green island in a natural desert landscape environment. The external part is shaped as natural desert park, with slopes and small “wadis”. Paths are created along desert slopes and native vegetation structures. Pioneer and native vegetation is planted in the inner side of the slopes. Appropriate vegetation plants are Calendula perseca, Seidlitzia rosmarinus, Nitaria retusa, Cardus pycnocephalus.