Rainer Schmidt founded his international landscape architecture offices in 1991. Since then, he and his team have successfully built an international reputation in these two fields. The reputation goes back to the very strong concepts of Rainer Schmidt, which have created a high-quality profile of the design and implementation of open space worldwide. The concepts carry new offers for identification, they start from landmark-like spaces, which then find answers through clients and users, creating the respective added value in time and space. The company has three locations in Germany: the headquarters in Munich, the other two in Berlin and Bernburg. Rainer Schmidt's long-term professional and academic career and his handling of complex design tasks have enabled him to gain a broad experience base for the offices: From large-scale masterplan for a city to innovative park and garden design.


In accordance with the philosophy 'working from place', landscape architecture of the 21st century is trusted to reflect the relationship between man and nature. Rainer Schmidt conceives each project holistically. From idea to concept to implementation..., he considers process and product and communicates this with his collaborators. The finite result is about making a project, an area, a place "shine". To achieve this quality, a situation is structurally understood and structurally transformed during the work processes. According to this systematic approach, landscape architecture and design are worked on as concepts and not as decoration. The necessary syntheses of ecology and of "healthy living conditions" - for humans and animals - are integrated components of this spatial conceptualization, and are considered as the basis for the intervention in 'nature through culture'.

Concept finding

The concepts are frameworks to produce space three-dimensionally, texturally and materially. They innovatively retell the story of place and apply contemporary ideas to continue the tradition of culture in place. They create atmospheres and change human perception of space and of nature. Each assignment goes through a process of design discussions that unfolds possibilities and determines an ultimately optimized decision as a result of strict cooperation between client, user and cost management. The main goal of the office is to continuously renew the human scale and bring nature close to people. This is tied to strong concepts for planting design, to an innovative choice of plants and of material, and to a vision for the desired atmosphere of the space to be created - which will activate the user in perceiving and occupying the space. The particular desire is to design and build the next great park, if necessary as a temporary park, in preparation of urban development, gardening in the city and biodiversity, to integrate the 'Third Landscape' and compensate for the damage left by the industrialization process.