New elementary school, Heinsberg-Grebben


The aim of the concept is to create a functional, identity-forming and attractive place of learning for the young pupils and teachers. 

The two buildings, the community house and the learning house, serve different functions and types of learning. They are connected by a transparent joint as an inviting foyer. The result is a clear structure in and around the building, which makes it easy to find your way around the site thanks to the many visual connections. The positioning of the buildings in the northern part of the site area ensures an optimal division of the site. The result is a smaller, public forecourt that opens up towards the bus stop and functions as a place to arrive and spend time. It serves as a connecting element between the public street and the school. A large school garden will be created behind the school, which will be connected to the entrance forum of the school buildings by a spacious terrace. The paved areas are reduced to a minimum here in order to strengthen the green areas of the property. These green areas are accessed by small, winding paths that emphasize the strengthened natural character. The green classroom offers the opportunity to move lessons into nature, creating a stimulating atmosphere for the children. In addition to other outdoor learning opportunities, such as an experimental and learning garden with vegetable and herb beds, there are also many areas without special functions for flexible use, as well as quiet and retreat areas with various seating elements to allow the children to absorb what they have learned. The large number of newly planted trees and the preservation of almost all existing trees create a green, active and learning space. In addition, flowering insect perennials, flower meadows and green roofs not only strengthen the friendly character, but also create a sustainable stepping stone biotope for flora and fauna.