New building Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen


The new building for the Paul-Ehrlich-Institutin Langen is not only important for healthcare, but also for science and the Langen location itself. The aim of our concept is to create an identity-forming, contemporary character that is user-friendly and functional, but also future-oriented.

The area surrounding the site is characterized by a wide variety of buildings. The new building and its outdoor facilities are therefore respectfully and playfully integrated, and its different granularity and courtyard structure creates a link between the heterogeneous structures around it.

The 6 staggered buildings are connected by a central access foyer. A public forecourt develops from the east, leading directly to the administration building due to the offset position of the laboratory block. Visual relationships are created across the square between the different buildings, which are given an exciting character by the integration of the existing trees. By relocating the delivery and supply traffic to the basement, an open space is created that forms a counterpart to the forecourt. A wide green strip towards the residential area provides a usable outdoor recreation area for the residents and staff of the institute. The area towards the landscape is embedded by a green strip, providing an optimal transition between the buildings and the open space.