We are pleased that our project to redesign the market square in Neustadt b. Coburg has been selected for the "Architectural Tours 2023". In the course of this, various projects from the sub-areas of architecture are presented annually, and high-quality planning is presented on site by architects and builders. This gives the public the opportunity to gain an insight into the construction process and the background of the projects through personal discussions.

The aim of this project was to revitalise the city's central square and create a unique, atmospheric ambience while preserving the historical image of the city. Through various architectural elements, a connection between the city and nature is created, which at the same time inspires scenography.

We would like to invite everyone who interested on 

Sunday, 25.06.2023 from 11 a.m. in front of the town hall below St. George's Church

to a guided with Prof. Rainer Schmidt, Mr. Martin Stingl (2nd mayor) and Mrs. Elke Protzmann (3rd  mayor)

We look forward to interesting and inspiring discussions with you.

For more information about the architectural tours and our project go here: “Neugestaltung Marktplatz".