CULINACUM am Runden Turm, Andernach


The new museum in Andernach is intended to build a bridge between the history of the town and the history of nutrition and thus into the present. At the same time, it will become a link between the historic town center, the Rhine facilities and the surrounding area. The typical historical elements are to be brought together with contemporary elements in a new, meaningful context. The city wall and the round tower will be left as a sign of the city silhouette and the museum's positioning and height will be adapted accordingly so that the urban views of the "Round Tower" are not obstructed. The north-south orientation of the building divides the site into two parts. A smaller museum garden/museum courtyard and a larger city garden. The museum courtyard ties in with the urban space in front of St. Mary's Cathedral and rounds off the remaining fragments of the historical complex, while at the same time freeing them as far as possible from a spatial context. The city garden creates a recreational area for everyone. By preserving almost the entire valuable tree population, people can use the areas in the shade of the trees as retreat and active zones. 

Our concept appropriately combines a clear visibility for the new with the historical context and creates a new center for the "edible"city.