Public Buildings

„Opera of the future“, Düsseldorf, location: Am Wehrhahn


The new building presents itself in the form of an uncut "rough diamond", which makes the opera appear in a dynamic and modern manner. Due to the position as a "solitaire", the block closure is avoided and a "block walk through" is achieved. The exterior surfaces form the first access to a building. In this concept, the common pavement carpet, which forms the basis of the building structure, connects the interior and exterior areas into an overall space that can be experienced. The adjacent pedestrian zone Schadowstraße is continued by the arrangement of the trees. This ensures a blending and optimal insertion of the opera building into the existing shopping district. The urban edge is thus eliminated and the opera becomes a new inner-city cultural magnet for the public. The trees are irrigated by a superordinate precipitation water management system based on the principle of the sponge city, which leads to an optimal use of natural precipitation.

The crystal illustrates the importance of the opera of the future in a self-confident yet modest way, integrating superbly into the city while seeming to dissolve the shopping block landscape, pointing to the magic and freedom of the theater.