Infineon Headquarter Campeon, Munich

1999 bis 2005

In the Hachinger Valley nearby Munich, a campus has been planned for the high technology business Infineon, linking spaces for labor and for leisure. On the area, a continuous and publicly accessible park area is under construction. The ring-like, 6,8 hectares large lake seizes the module buildings of the Campeon, seamed by a waterside promenade and spanned by paths which give access to the citizen’s park. The lake generates atmosphere and does not only call for a break during the working day, but also improves the micro-climate, serves for rain water retention and for the infiltration of the rain water from the fixed areas and roofs. Landscape extends from east to west in between the module buildings into the centre. A stripe of asphaltmastix defines these paths, framed by troughs and a gentryth of high grasses and column piles. In between the office buildings, there are intensively designed yard gardens, to be used as quiet resting areas and for working in the open space.